Thursday, September 15, 2011

Purpose and Concept of my Building

The recreation center would be a place where people can go for many different purposes. For example, people might want to find a place to relax on the weekends. A recreation center would be a good place to go where they could relax and unwind. Some people might want to host an event or function. A recreation centre would be a good place to host it. The recreation centre could have a large multi-purpose hall which could also be used for various sports like badminton or netball for people to keep fit and stay healthy. The centre would also have a car-park for people who want to drive to the centre from far away.


It is a very simple yet suitable design. This design is based on the idea of building “up” instead of spreading out the various parts of the building like in the previous two designs. This would make the building more compact and easier to get around in. This design is made of simple rectangular shape, which makes it easy to design rooms in. It makes good use of space and it would be easy to design a variety of rooms in a rectangular shaped building.

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